Interfaith Weddings

The reason behind Rabbi Tillman’s success with interfaith couples is very simple.  His approach is based on just one fundamental principle: this is your wedding.

The role as a rabbi is to celebrate the couple in the context of the Jewish tradition. Rabbi Tillman has long and extensive interfaith wedding experience: Jewish-Catholic, Jewish-Presbyterian, Jewish-Episcopal, Jewish-Lutheran, Jewish-Orthodox Christian, Jewish-Muslim, Jewish-Buddhist, Jewish-Hindu even Jewish-Zoroastrian. You name it – he has done it.  Rabbi Tillman has a great knowledge of and respect for the varied traditions that interfaith marriages bring to a celebration.  His goal is to celebrate the couple and their future together in a way that is meaningful to all involved.

Planning with the bride and groom includes:

  • Highly personalized wedding ceremony
  • Authentic Jewish traditions from the Old World
  • Respect for and comfort in adding other religious traditions
  • Knowledge of and familiarity with other religious traditions
  • Tasteful and yet joyous celebration of your marriage
  • Preparation time is enjoyable with energetic personal conversations and educational exploration of love, spirituality, family, of all things good.. Premarital counseling the way it should be!
  • Will officiate alone or will be glad to co-officiate with a different faith clergy
  • No pressure to convert or to become affiliated with a synagogue
  • Celebration of the couple and in their future together

Be yourselves, celebrate the beauty of your love and have a great time! Experience the joy of your wedding!

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