Rabbi Tillman – Bridge of Enlightenment, Understanding, Joy & Laughter

A great German Jewish thinker, Walter Benjamin,¬†once told a parable: “A rabbi, a real kabbalist, once said that in order to establish the reign of peace it is not necessary to destroy everything nor to begin a completely new world. It is sufficient to displace this cup or this bush or this stone just a little, and thus everything.”

The world can change on a global scale only through an astronomical number of small displacements. Therefore, the only way we can make the world better is through causing small changes in our lives, for ultimately they do have an impact on our families, our communities and on the entire world.

This has been a leitmotif of RabbiTillman’s work since being ordained in 1996. It is only on a personal level that he feels he can successfully touch people’s lives and thus make the world better. Therefore, Rabbi Tillman’s mission is to build bridges from person to person, to remove fences between people and communities.

Let’s build these bridges and make the world better! Let’s talk!

The supreme form of worship is a study of the Torah. It means that learning is the cornerstone of rabbi’s work. Studying the Jewish tradition as well as other traditions and cultures is essential. Judaism can only be understood and practiced in the context and in interaction with the world culture in general.

If every person in this world understood all other people, then there would be no wars, no quarrels between people or nations. While achieving this condition is a utopian idea, one can certainly improve the situation. Rabbi Tillman’s mission is to understand you, to appreciate who you are and through a good relationship make the world better.

Joy & Laughter
Laughter breaks down the barriers between people, it helps them make peace with one another. This world is beautiful. Let us rejoice in it and celebrate our lives through laughter!